File Transfer

This page uploads/downloads files to/from my server. It is a rudimentary content management system for sharing and distributing files (like DropBox). It can also be used to bypass attachment size limits set by mail servers. You can simply paste the generated hyperlink in an email message instead of attaching the file itself. The recipient will be prompted to save the file when they click the link. You can see files currently on this server by clicking the Files on Server button. Features include:

Maximum file size to upload is 1048576Kb (1GB) and the timeout is 3600 seconds.
Please email if you need this changed or if you need a private folder. Suggestions are welcome.

Select a file and press "Copy" to copy a hyperlink to your computer's clipboard. The copied hyperlink can be pasted in emails or wherever so others can download the file from this server.
Upload File 1: Store file in SQL database

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